Copper Clad Aluminum Cable VS Pure Copper Wire

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Why would some manufacturers produce copper clad aluminum wires?

In order to cut costs, some manufacturers used aluminum wire dipped in a thin copper coating, because there are no visual differences between copper clad aluminum cable and pure copper cable.

Our Douli cable guarantees that all of our cables are pure copper or tinned copper conductors.

What's the dangers of using copper clad aluminum wires?

If fact, copper clad aluminum cables has higher attenuation than pure copper cables.

1.This results in a greater loss of data and slow down the network.

2.It can be damaged when being pulled due to the lower tensile strength, single conductors can be broke or the whole wire can be snapped.

3. Aluminum patch cables also have more than 50% higher resistance,this increases the amount of energy that is transferred into heat and reduces the amount of power that can be transferred.

4.Copper clad aluminum wire has lower bend radius than pure copper wire, it's more fragile than pure copper cables.

5.The CCA cable jacket is more likely to catch on fire when the conductors are damaged.