What are flexible cables?

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Flexible cables are generally made into drag chain movement system.  

As a good performance of the power transport materials, flexible cables have been widely used in the various industry. 

Because of its good flexibility, more uses for flexible cables are being explored. For example, today's flexible cables can be 

used not only for power transmission, but also for signal transmission. Drag chain cable because of its good performance, it is also known as mobile cable, robot cable and drag cable. 

Flexible cable in order to protect its in the process of movement is not worn, and to maintain good flexibility performance, so the General Jacket Caiyong rigid flexible wear-resistant materials. This material is low viscosity, but has high hardness and good flexibility, toughness and wear resistance, can well withstand the wear caused by moving. But it should be noted that we still need to reduce the daily use of flexible cable drag to reduce wear and tear, extend the service life of flexible cables.

Flexible cables have following types: Flexible Control Cable, Flexible Power Cable, Flexible Data Cable, Flexible Servo Cable. If you want to subdivide, it have: Sensor Cable, also known as Coding Cable, Servo Motor Cable, Robot Cable, Cleaning Cable, Drag Chain System Cable.