What is Flame Retardant Cable?

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Flame-retardant cable has the properties of self-extinguishing and non-flammability. 

The flame-retardant additives with high oxygen index (usually greater than 30) are usually added to the insulation and Sheath Materials of cables without reducing the original electrical, mechanical and physical properties of the cables, so as to form a protective layer when the insulators are carbonized Produces heat insulation to achieve flame retardancy.


The flame-retardant cable (wire) is divided into three grades according to the volume of non-metal material allowed by its flame-retardant effect, among which Class A has the best flame-retardant performance. Usually, when marking cable type without flame retardant grade, we offer the product of Class C.

Flame-retardant cable (cable) product specifications, structural size, current carrying capacity, weight and the same type of ordinary products.