What's the difference between power cable and control cable?

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 Power Cable VS Control Cable

Power cableis used for transmitting electric energy. The voltage and current connected to the cable are higher, the insulation is higher, the cross-section of the conductor is bigger, and the inner part of a cable contains 5 Cores.

Control Cable, the main transmission is small current signal: such as the work of the connection drive control contactor, relay, transmission of audio and video signals, wire transmission power load is small, voltage grade voltage is low.

The control cable has a larger number of inner core wires and may have separate shielding layers for the wires.

B. Voltage:

Power Cable:0.6/1kv        such as:VV,YJV

Control Cable:450/750v    such as: KVV,KVVP

The insulation and Sheath thickness of the same specification for power cable and control cable is thicker than control cable at the time of production. 


Power Cable:GB12706

Control Cable:9330

D.Specification and Section Area

Control Cables are generally not more than 10 square cross-section.

Power Cables are mainly transmission power, are generally large cross-section.

The size of the power cable can be larger, up to 500 square (the range of conventional manufacturers can produce) , then the large cross-section can do relatively few manufacturers, while the control cable section is generally smaller, the maximum is generally not more than 10 square.