Why does the towline always break the core?

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Drag chains cable are particularly suited for continuously moving environments such as industrial robots, automated plants, robotic devices, and Automated Systems.

 Most of the requirements are super flexible, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant control or data cable high flexible drag chain cable. 


In the process of the use of drag chain cable often appear broken core situation, common drag chain cable broken core reasons as follow:

1.Improper selection of conductor structure.

 Because the drag-chain cable application in the need to repeatedly drag and drop places, so the conductor inside this cable also has a great physical performance requirements. Cable should choose a flexible conductor, in general, the smaller the conductor, the better the flexibility of cable, but the conductor is too thin, will produce cable winding phenomenon. A series of long-term experiments provide a good combination of diameter, length, and nodal direction shielding for a single wire, which has good tensile resistance.

2.The winding mode of stranded wire. 

The stranding structure should be designed according to the motion state, with the stranding pitch wrapped around a stable tension center. In addition, the stranding process must ensure that there is small friction, for example, the use of good diameter outside diameter, the movement of the core must ensure good, otherwise it will cause cable broken core. 

3.Selection of raw materials. 

Jackets made of different modified materials have different functions, UV resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance and cost optimization. But all of these outer jackets have one thing in common, high wear resistance and non-stick. The Sheath must be flexible but also have support function, of course should be high-pressure molding.

Therefore, the conductor core can choose the right thickness and thickness, and the winding method of the stranded wire should be adopted. Besides the conductor core, the protective function of the Sheath is also very important To prevent the chain cable broken core phenomenon has a great role, we master the right way can to a certain extent to avoid this embarrassing thing.