Multi Functions Cable Tracker Tester


The cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation.

This telephone cable tracking system consisting of a tone generator and probe enables you to find where a cable is laid and whether or not (and,if so, where) there are any breaks points in the line.

Judge Continuity of the cables or wires

Tracks and diagnose the break points

Receive the tone signal on the cables or wires (telephone line)

Identify the state in the working telephone line (clear, ringing,busy)

Safely checks cables without disrupting their installation

Send a single soild or a Dual Alternating tone to the target cables or wires

Easily install, debug and maintain one or more phone lines around the home or office wih this hih quality tracker system

Usage: telephone cables   

Connector: RJ-11 (for phone sockets)   

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cable tracker MS6812
Send tone frequency
Recieve frequency
Power supply
6F22 9V(options)
Reciever size
Sender/Emitter size
Net weight
233g (approx.)
Tone generator output (square waveform)
Single (1500Hz) or Dual (1300~1500Hz)
Packing list
1*reciever  1*sender  1*toolkit  2*9V batteries (options)  1*instruction manual