H05VV-F H03VV-F 2 Core 3 Core PVC Insulated Cable

    H05VV-F H03VV-F PVC Insulated Flexible Electrical Wire 

     Working voltage:300/500 volts

Test voltage:200 volts

Flexing bending radius:7.5*overall diameter

Stactic bending radius: 4*overall diameter

Flexing temperature: 5°C to + 70°C

Static temperature: -40°C to + 70°C

Short circuit temperature:+160°C

Flame retardant:IEC 60332.1

Insulation resistance: 20MΩxkm

Applicable to the cables and wires of rated voltage 450/750V and less than 450/750V AC for power plant, household electrical applance,insurment and telecommunication equipment.

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